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PAC door

The UNH Programming Assistance Center (PAC) is a place where students can get help with programming assignments and studying for exams. When the semester is in full swing, we are open every day of the week and we can answer questions about Java and C, with some limited support for PHP/MySQL, VisualBasic, and MATLAB. You can drop into Kingsbury room N216 for help whenever we're open, or we can set you up with a tutor who you can meet with an hour or two per week if you need additional help.

Click on your course name to be sent to your course page
C: CS 410 CS 520
Java: CS 415 CS 416
VB: IT 505
C++: CS 515
The PAC is often looking for new people to join our team of consultants. Right now we have need for additional consultants for Python. To learn more about working at the PAC, click here.
The PAC is normally open 9-5 M-F. As the semester progresses, the PAC will stay open later to help with the increased demand. When there is no school (winter storm, holiday, etc.) the PAC is also closed.